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COMMON SOURCES: parsley, celery, celeriac, and chamomile tea

PURPORTED HEALTH BENEFITS: Is said to lower CD38 levels in mitochondria, thereby preventing NAD+ from being depleted. It has been observed that NAD+ levels tend to go down with age and that CD38 levels go up. Mouse studies have shown that apigenin lowers CD38 levels and as a result NAD+ levels do not attenuate.



DESCRIPTION: NAD+ declines with age and one way people try to fix this issue is through supplementation with NAD+ precursors such as NMN and NR. Another strategy is to reduce CD38 through ingestion of apigenin or quercetin. Both strategies can be used at the same time and there is some evidence that this is beneficial to human health, but on the other hand it's very new stuff and none of this is fully verified.

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The Therapeutic Potential of Apigenin
Salehi, Venditti, Sharifi-Rad, Kregiel, etc.

QUOTE: "Several plant bioactive compounds have exhibited functional activities that suggest they could play a remarkable role in preventing a wide range of chronic diseases. The largest group of naturally-occurring polyphenols are the flavonoids, including apigenin."

QUOTE: "Among the wide variety of phenolic compounds, apigenin is one of the most renowned, with countless nutritional and organoleptic characteristics. Nonetheless and more interestingly, it can also contribute with its beneficial health properties, which could lead to a possible inclusion in nutraceutical formulations."

QUOTE: "A high number of studies carried out over the years have indicated that apigenin has many interesting pharmacological activities and nutraceutical potential. As an example, its properties as an antioxidant are well known, and it can also be a therapeutic agent to overcome diseases like inflammation, autoimmune, neurodegenerative disease, and even several types of cancers."


NAD+ metabolism in aging & 3 strategies to rejuvenate
The Sheekey Science Show

Three strategies to increase NAD+: MAKE, BREAK, or TAKE strategies. 1) Ingest prescursor molecules (NR, NMN), 2) Ingest CD38 inhibitors such as epigenin or luteolinidin, 3) Activate enzymes involved in NAD+ biosynthesis such as NAMPT.

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APIGENIN Supplement & Senescence | ANTI AGING Method In 2020 Dr. Brad Stanfield

  • Apigenin most potent flavonoid known to reduce CD38
  • Around 600mg of apigenin seems to be an effective dosage.
  • Dried parsley best natural source.
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